Celebrating Over 4 Decades of Excellence

Concept XXI, Incorporated was founded in 1979 to provide quality software development and consulting services to large companies. The primary focus of our business is scientific and industrial software development. We can provide you with full life cycle support from initial product feasibility, through design, development, implementation and maintenance.

We have been very successful at developing strategic partnerships with our clients. These relationships have proven to be very rewarding over the long term. Our clients have enjoyed greater profits, shorter time to market, greater reliability and reduced operating cost.

Most of our clients are Fortune 500 Companies and several have been clients for over two decades. Please contact us if we can assist you in any of the areas of our core competence.


We believe in combining the best software development talent with business integrity, customer service, and experience. This has lead to a unique level of trust between our Company, Employees and Clients. It is the reason that we have been able to retain employees and clients for many years.

We strive to provide exceptional service to our clients. Our software must require little maintenance and be flexible enough to accommodate future changes. The quality of our service leads to lasting relationships with our clients. We also encourage a creative and challenging development process, which on one hand leads to better products, and on the other to long-term engagement of our talent.

True Cost of Software

The cost of software development is measured over time. The True Cost includes not only the analysis, design, and implementation, but also the cost of support and enhancement.

Concept XXI provides you with the lowest-cost product and the greatest satisfaction over the life of the product.