We work with you to study the problem and identify the key issues and requirements for the project. This collaboration leads to a greater understanding by both parties of the actual scope of the work.

In addition to analyzing performance requirements, we review the need for integration with existing products and unique hardware.

We often develop quick prototypes and simulators in order to better characterize the areas of uncertainty in the project.

We create an initial architecture that allows us to estimate the deliverables and timeline required.

This process allows us to clearly define the goals, deliverables, and the required effort.


We break down the project into functional components and clearly define the interfaces between them. This allows us to develop different parts of the system concurrently.

By creating simulators for portions of the system that are not available, we are able to test the functional components independently. Long after the project is complete, these simulators serve as a test bed, and are valuable for regression testing.

We bring together people with a common desire for project success and a wide range of backgrounds in Mathematics, Computer Science, and years of industrial experience.


We utilize the most appropriate techniques, tools, and languages in order to develop the best possible application. The applications range from real-time firmware development to control software for highly distributed systems. Sophisticated client/server implementations for remote monitoring and control are developed to be platform independent and scalable.

Teamwork is the key to successful implementation. An often missed component in implementation is collaboration. We make a conscious effort to keep our clients involved and aware throughout the entire implementation process.


Support and extensibility go hand-in-hand. Our clients must be able to cost effectively enhance and maintain their products. We measure our success by the longevity of our client relationships.

Concept XXI has been in business for over 30 years. Our clients are primarily large companies for whom we have been providing services for over a decade. This is testimony to the quality of our development efforts, as well as to the value of our support services.