Build Your Own Scada (BYOS) is an industrial Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system used to control and monitor industrial processes. Its target use is for water and wastewater treatment facilities, but can be adapted to just about any industry or process.

BYOS was designed with scalability and portability in mind. It can therefore be used for very small systems with minimal I/O or for very large systems with thousands of I/O points. It can also run on top any operating system that supports the JAVA runtime.


BYOS was originally developed in 1985 to allow the Lakewood, Ohio Waste Water Treatment Plant to monitor and control a network of Allen-Bradley PLC-2's using an IBM PC. BYOS provided a graphical user interface a year before Microsoft introduced the Windows product. The emphasis was on the ease-of-use and on enabling operators to modify views of the plant in response to changing plant conditions.

In 1995, BYOS was rewritten to allow remote monitoring from any computer with an Internet browser. The latest version of BYOS is written entirely in JAVA in order to achieve platform independence and scalability.

Data Integrity

BYOS has been running 24/7 in several facilities with an exceptional record of reliability and data integrity.

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